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80% of the customers of Hepan, originated from the introduction of old customers

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  • Tea packaging gift box design_tea packaging gift box design company
  • In this ever-changing era, not just talking about theories, not playing fancy styles; great skills do not work, focusing on practical results; advancing with the times and doing things in new ways; adhering to faith and being a person in the old way is a box.

    Hepan has focused on tea packaging design for 20 years, and pioneered the industry's four-in-one professional creative packaging service model of "brand strategy, creative design, free proofing, and proofing production". It has complete brand design services and market insights in the field of foreign tea and tea. A keen sense of smell and accurate judgment of the market. From brand strategy to design performance to landing on the market, Boxpan is market-oriented, intensively cultivated, and seeking truth from facts. After years of gradual improvement and optimization, it has formed a unique brand service operation system that is different from other conventional design companies, and insists on assisting customers with effective services. Brand image, build a distinctive and strong brand for customers, and achieve customer value.

    Customers include: Bama, Tianfu, Zhang Yiyuan, Wu Yutai, Huiliu, Dayi, Zhuyeqing, Pinpinxiang, Wuyixing, Baishaxi, Xie Yuda, Fengpai, Yifutang, Chunlun, Xiaocan Tea, Xiaoshi, Xiangqishan, Yingke Pine, Xufu, Qingfengxiang, Xueya, Xiangfeng, Xintanyang, Shifeng, Tianfang, Longrun, Huaxiangyuan, Xiaguan Tuocha, Caihua, etc. Brand enterprise.
  • Peer comparison

    Compared with local pure design companies
    Hepan is good at finding brand marketing positioning in combination with the market, and using strategies to guide design
    Compared with multinational design companies
    Box has in-depth customer service experience in domestic and foreign markets, and localized services are more effective
    Compared with marketing planning companies
    Boxpan provides not only strategic planning and guidance programs, but also specific design and application results that can be used
    Compared with ordinary advertising companies
    Boxpan has a more professional and subdivided design team, with more advanced and diversified design execution capabilities
  • Tea packaging gift box design_tea packaging gift box design company
  • Why choose Hepan?
    China's most influential creative packaging design company
  • Tea packaging gift box design_tea packaging gift box design company
  • Six reasons to choose Box Bank
    1. Twenty years of service experience in the tea industry, participating in and witnessing the operation of many brands in the industry, understanding the development trend of the industry, and knowing how to follow the trend;
    2. Accumulatively serve more than 100 tea brand enterprises, integrate R&D institutions, production enterprises, OEM brands, terminal chains, etc., gather valuable first-line market experience, and deepen the brand's winning strategy;
    3. The industry's top lineup, 10 teams, 100 senior designers (working age over 5 years), 10 design directors (working age over 8 years)
    4. Adhere to the principle of market orientation, intensive cultivation, seeking truth from facts, design services with perfect strategies, and create a strong and individual brand packaging image;
    5. Proficient in packaging and printing production processes, and perfect packaging and printing process guidance services. Own printing factory and integrate one-stop services from cross-industry first-line packaging material suppliers to ensure the actual effect of packaging design products, and "seeing is believing";
    6. Familiar with the production and operation process of tea enterprises. Boxpan insists on packaging material design to effectively cooperate with the production process technology of the enterprise, saving production costs to the greatest extent and improving production efficiency.